The REST API Testing Checklist

The REST API Testing Checklist


API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. It is a program that allows the client and servers to talk to each other. 

REST defines how  API looks like. REST is “Representational State Transfer”. There are rules followed by the developers for creating an  API. The URL is called a Request while the data sent back to you is called a Response from the server.

Some Request Methods are :

  • GET: Used to get a response from a server.
  • POST: Used to create new data on the server.
  • PUT: Used to update data into the server.
  • DELETE: Used to delete data from the server.

Some Benefits of API Testing are:

  • Early Testing which results in early feedback and better team productivity.
  • Language is independent of making the verification of data fast and stable.
  • Faster Releases as compared to UI Testing.
  • High Coverage of Testing.

Steps for Testing REST API:

Step 1): Install Postman and after installation launch the app.

Step 2): Enter the API  URL in the URL textbox.

Step 3): Select the Http method for every API you hit- e.g. POST

Step 4): Provide Headers details, in the Headers section. 

Step 5): Now open the Body tab and select raw.

Step 6):Enter the request data in JSON format.

 e.g. {“key1″:”value1″,”key2″:”value2”}.

Step 7): Click the send button and observe the response in the body.

For Web API Testing, we check response code, a response message, and a response body.

Below are some response codes:

Code Status Description
200 OK The request was successfully completed.
201 Created A new resource was successfully created.
400 Bad Request The request was invalid.
401 Unauthorized The request did not include an authentication token or the authentication token expired.
403 Forbidden The client did not have permission to access the requested resource.
404 Not Found The requested resource was not found.
500 Internal Server Error The request was not completed due to an internal error on the server-side.
503 Service Unavailable The server was unavailable.


API testing is very important in the application. If API Testing is not done properly it can cause problems in the  API application and calling the API application. It is a very crucial part of the software testing life cycle.

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