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Bottom Navigation Bar

  A material widget that appears at the bottom of an app and allows users to choose from three to five different views. Multiple objects in the form of text marks, icons, or both are laid out on top of a piece of material in the bottom navigation bar.  It allows users to quickly navigate Continue Reading »

Laravel Task Scheduling

Laravel Task Scheduling

  To manage scheduled tasks on the server, a fresh approach is offered by Laravel’s command scheduler. The scheduler permits you to boldly and uniformly outline your command scheduled in the Laravel application. Solely a single Cron entry is required, while using the scheduler, on your server. Task scheduler is outlined within the app/console/Kernel.php file’s Continue Reading »



Today we are going to discuss how we implement the swipe gesture in react native with the cell of the flat list and section list component in order to do some actions like update to-do and delete some data entry. It renders with its children within a panel and this component allows the children to Continue Reading »

Android Architecture

Android architecture is defined as the, A Guide to android app architecture with libraries for a different task, it helps us to create an app that is robust, testable, maintainable, and has less boilerplate code, Architecture component is part of Android jetpack Android jetpack is collection of android software component like data binding, lifecycles, livedata, Continue Reading »

Laravel Eloquent

Laravel Eloquent

  The Eloquent ORM included with Laravel gives a wonderful, basic ActiveRecord usage for working along with your database. With eloquent, each table in the database corporate a comparing “Model” that does utilize to connect with that table.  The model permits you to insert, update and delete the records from the table to recover or Continue Reading »

Mobile app trends

7 Key Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

  The mobile application development industry is evolving like a whirlwind. If you want a business to survive this digital storm, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest mobile application development trends. Nowadays, mobile apps have become fundamental to transform business models and marketplaces. This dynamic digital world is evolving faster; famous applications that Continue Reading »

Vue.js Lifecycle

Vue js Lifecycle – Vue.js

What is Vue js Vue js is a front-end JavaScript framework for building the user interface and single-page applications Vue js lifecycle lifecycle hooks are methods that give you the opportunity to add code at specific stages. There are eight lifecycles in Vue js beforeCreate created beforeMount mounted beforeUpdate Updated BeforeDestroy Destroyed   beforeCreate() This Continue Reading »