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7 Key Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2021


The mobile application development industry is evolving like a whirlwind. If you want a business to survive this digital storm, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest mobile application development trends. Nowadays, mobile apps have become fundamental to transform business models and marketplaces. This dynamic digital world is evolving faster; famous applications that have performed best in 2020 may not have the same potential to deliver outstanding results in 2021. Implementing the right strategy to develop a mobile application is not enough for success. Staying up to date with the latest mobile app development trends is necessary. So, if you want to outsmart your competitors in the mobile app development company, you need to know the latest trends ruling the industries.

Here, we have assembled the 7 key mobile app development trends likely to dominate 2021

Hybrid and Cross-platform software in place of native solutions

Instead of working with native applications written in native languages for Android for iOS, the application developers prefer the Cross-platform for the app development. Applications are built with React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and hybrid JS-based applications.

In other words, we can say that the native software is not the only and universal option available anymore. The highly interactive applications like games with advanced features in some specific cases will use native development. Perhaps, creating a cross-platform solution capable of working offline and faster would be an idle option.

Native, Hybrid and Cross-platform

Native, Hybrid, and Cross-platform

Wearable Software and Hardware

There was a progressive growth in wearable technology in 2020. Many applications have been introduced in the market to monitor health and avoid the covid-19 outbreak. Smart wearable devices could be an ideal replacement for smartphones, specifically in the Healthcare sector. And soon, it is going to become an important part of our livers. 

Along with that, many in-app payment solutions and mobile banking application solutions have appeared in the past year. This idea of contactless payment is going to strengthen in 2021.

Instant applications

The instant app concept has been introduced by Google back in the year 2016 as new software. It is the most demanded software as per the developer’s perspective and incredibly convenient as per the user’s perspective. 

 One can use the instant application straight by using the link in their email, search engine, or messenger. But, only the fully featured demo versions get the promotion like this. Still, these solutions boost the downloading rate and increase the overall software promotion.

 The major benefits included are:

  • Lightweight software.
  • Unbeatable UX with minimum downsides and distractions.
  • Availability of web-like functionalities.

The instant applications allow the users to play online games without actually installing them on their devices. These applications are compatible across the Android platform, cover minimum space, and share the best UI design and friendly user experience. 

The instant applications are particularly useful for E-Commerce and the gaming industry. 

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence was trending in 2020 and going to be more popular in the upcoming years. Many app development companies in India prefer AI and machine learning for their application development. Now, most search engines and virtual assistants support AI. 

The popularity of virtual communication is increasing rapidly and replacing the face to face contact. Applications like Siri support the users by helping them with multiple things; All the credit goes to cloud computing that has brought great strength to create smart devices and add AI models. The amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning solutions into the mobile application world will hold a special place in the heart of mobile application users globally. 

Internet of things

 The Internet of things is now ruling the world; this technology is winning hearts worldwide by making their interaction and lifestyle smarter. IoT provides a simple and relatively most convenient environment for the users to interact with their smart devices and appliances in real-time. Now, more and more users prefer to manage their electronic devices or appliances with smart applications.  

Billions of people are going to use IoT in the upcoming years to manage everything in real-time; from kitchen appliances to their smartphones. 

The potential for data sharing within the network makes IoT the most preferred mobile application trend in 2021. 

Voice communication and recognition

 Voice communication and recognition are already bringing rapid changes in the Retail Industry, Telemarketing, and Customer Service. In the upcoming years, many people will prefer to browse only using voice instructions. 

The voice user interface (VUI) uses voice recognition technology to provide a stable connection between the user and device; for a specific technology. It not only helps to understand the present needs but also to incorporate future predictions. So, if you are running an Android App Development Company, you should consider paying attention to this mobile application development trend this year.

Last but not least,

Mobile-First Leisure

The pandemic has engaged people in leisure activities and changed their way to shop. Also, the gaming industry got a huge benefit from this situation; especially the mobile segment. Lockdown has increased the time people spend using their smartphone devices and increases the popularity of applications and games. Gaming applications with Augmented reality like – Witcher Monster Slayer or Pokemon Go and streaming applications like Netflix are the great alternative to stay busy while social distancing. This trend is going to boost the mobile entertainment and gaming industry this year. 

The Last Words

With each passing year, innovations and trends come to existence and bring unexpected changes to society. For sharing the best user experience, the mobile application trends are constantly changing, and you need to adapt them to stay ahead. To build a successful mobile application, you must consider all the emerging and latest trends to dominate the mobile application industry in 2021.

Only those who embrace the changes are going to win any business battle in terms of technology. So, if you want to be one of them, you need a trustworthy mobile application development company on board.

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