End-User Testing

How to Make Each Round of Testing Count?

1. Lets list things we need to discuss:-

  1. Set our goal clear.
  2. Understand value of feature for End-User.
  3. Keep a track of all the test scenarios and new findings.
  4. After testing check have we covered all the checkpoints.
  5. UI checkpoints.
  6. Last but not least, give app/web_app to another tester who is not a part for this project.

Lets Begin :-

Set our goal clear :-

Every time we start testing we end up confused and stand still at the end of the day, as we keep guessing these:-

  1. What to test
  2. How to test it
  3. Why to test it
  4. What bugs do we need to test
  5. Did we cover all the mandatory checks
  6. Did we test as per FSD/Client Requirement’s
  7. Is the UI correct ??

To avoid these we have to set goals. We have to start by correcting the steps we follow.


  1. Start from FSD
  2. Check UI designs
  3. What we need to test
  4. How to proceed with testing
  5. Who are the End-Users for this Software
  6. What bugs/issues we have encountered with similar kind of applications in past

List down all the things mentioned above and proceed


2. Understand value of feature for End-User:-

Before testing lets understand why we are testing an app or a webpage. We are dedicated in verifying functionality, feature’s and UI design.

 Lets stop this; we are doing it correct in a wrong way.

We are doing write thing, as we need to check and test all the buttons, textbox, text values, validations, etc. While doing all this we should not forget our audience. We maybe be thinking stuffs in technical way but other non-tech guy will also use this app or website. We have to make it friendlier for them too.

We have to give thought to this too; the easier it is the more traffic and people will use it.

As QA we invest a lot of time in testing above-mentioned things.

End-User Testing

3. Keep a track of all the test scenarios and new findings :-

Testing is art for that we don’t have to be rocket scientist unless you are actually a rocket scientist at NASA.

Jokes apart, it’s a mixture of Science and Art. We have to keep track of our bread crumbs, so that we can trace it back from where we have started and how and what we missed.

For these stuffs we have to create test cases; pre testing, while testing and post testing.

We need to improvise at every step; things are not same for all kind of application testing.

We always have to make a map and follow it and as we proceed further we will get to know if we have or we are travelling in the correct direction.

Tracking Progress

4. After testing check have we covered all the checkpoints :-

To reach a goal we need to set milestones as in checkpoints. We need to check our progress on regular bases.

With our progress, app or website will progress. Don’t forget to do smoke test now and then.

We do waste our time and energy on retesting. Once we have received a build we need to do smoke and do regression on bug fixes once we are clear that build is stable, then we can retest whole build with all positive and negative test cases.

Stability of application is our top most priority. It is the foremost responsibility.

Back Tracing Bread Crumbs

5. UI checkpoints :-

What is UI ? As per customers its just “User Interface”.

UI should be as per design document, which has been signed off by clients. Design represents a company’s logo and signature.

Just like testing functionality we need to test UI too. Only thing we need to verify UI is sharp eyes to fetch all the minor as well as major design issues.

Whole app must have same button shape and size, Spacing among elements, menu design, text format and colour combination. Spelling for all the things written should be correct, grammar, punctuation’s etc.

If required then we can tell the developer team to improvise navigations, add required buttons, add descriptions that will be useful for end-users etc..

User Interface Check Points

6. Last but not least, give app/web_app to another tester who is not a part for this project :-

After several round of testing, when we feel like that the software application, we should always give our software application to another tester who is not from the same project team. This step doesn’t prove that you are a bad tester; we get so much involved in the project that after some time we keep testing according to functionality point of view and forget about end-users experience. By giving software application to non-project tester will open a door that would be similar to end-user. In that phase a critical or blocker issues can be caught which could be very helpful.

Trust Other Source

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