Integration of Highcharts with React ( JavaScript library )

Highcharts is a front-end javascript library which is made to design the charts on web pages. ReactJS is also a javascript library for UI design. Now If we need to create a chart in ReactJS, there is a good news that several libraries (like ReCharts, Victory, VX, React-JSX-Highcharts, React-VIS etc.) are available which can be used for this purpose.  We can use any library but I will recommend you to use React-JSX-Highcharts because it supports almost every type of charts like Simple line charts, spline charts, bar charts, Inverted charts, Pie charts and many more.

To use React-JSX-Highcharts first we need to install this library in our node module by using ‘npm install react-jsx-highcharts –save’ command. We need to install Highcharts library also for some internal dependencies by using ‘npm install highcharts –save‘ command.

All the configurations of a chart can be done in JSON format or by using components and attributes of React-JSX-Highcharts.

In the following example, we are configuring the title.
By using component

By using JSON

both are same. See the another one..


both are also same.

Important=>In most cases name of configuration options and the name of components and their props are same.

Now the point is how we will find the name of configuration options. Well for that we will use Highcharts documentation .

Here is an example of spline chart.


Following image shows the chart with configuration headings…


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