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Building Flexible Database Queries in Spring Boot: A Criteria Builder Guide

Building Flexible Database Queries in Spring Boot: A Criteria Builder Guide

Introduction: In Spring Boot applications, interacting with databases is a fundamental task. Whether you’re fetching data, updating records, or performing complex queries, efficient database operations are crucial for application performance. One powerful tool at your disposal for constructing dynamic queries is the Criteria API, which allows you to build queries programmatically and dynamically based on Continue Reading »

Guide to Mapping Database Tables into JPA Entities

Guide to Mapping Database Tables into JPA Entities

The Java Persistence API (JPA) simplifies the interaction between Java applications and relational databases by providing an object-relational mapping mechanism. When converting a database table into a JPA entity, it’s crucial to follow best practices to ensure seamless integration. In this article, we’ll explore the most efficient steps to transform a database table into a Continue Reading »

Applet in Java

 Java applets are small programs that run on a web browser to perform a specific task. They were introduced with the release of the first version of Java in 1995 and quickly became popular for their ability to add dynamic content to web pages. Applets are essentially mini-programs that are written in Java and run Continue Reading »

COALESCE() function in Structured Query Language 

The Meaning of Coalesce is to come together to form one larger group, substance, etc.  In SQL, the COALESCE() function is a powerful tool used to handle NULL values in queries. The function takes multiple arguments and returns the first non-NULL value. This function is extremely useful when dealing with NULL values in database tables.  Continue Reading »

Java 11 feature and Comparison

Oracle provides new Java versions every six months. Even before it was launched, the September Java 11 version created quite a stir in the computer science industry by announcing that commercial usage of Java would subsequently be charged. The following articles will highlight major JDK 11 features, advancements, and deprecated functionality. Important Changes and Information: Continue Reading »

Generating Java Code from Open API

Introduction:-  Open API (open application programming interface) Open API Generator can generate code based on an Open API yaml specification. We can generate request models, response models, and controllers of API. Following are the steps to create java code from Open API:- Step 1:-Create a yaml file for your API By using this, below Continue Reading »