React vs Angular : Let’s See Who Wins?

There are two of the popular framework and library which is Angular and react JS. you all must be aware of its recognition in the current industry right but which one to choose is a  question isn’t it?

So in the spirit of helping you decide, let’s talk about the same i.e Angular versus ReactJS.

There’s a first and foremost section is:

  1. What exactly is angular and what exactly is ReactJS 
  2. The pros and cons of using both of these technologies.
  3. It’s popularity and growth.
  4. Companies using these technologies.
  5. Mobiles solution for React and Angular.
  6. Testing code and syntax in both of these technologies
  7. Market trends and job vacancies in both of them 

First what exactly is angular so as angular is nothing but a typescript based open source web application front-end development framework since angler was originally created by Google so it is actively supported by Google and individual community of developers as well it is a full-fledged MVC framework or in other words, you can say it is a fully-featured JavaScript framework which helps to develop dynamic web applications in angular, Developers uses HTML as the template language and HTML syntax for building the components of the application.

Now let us discuss what exactly is react.js react which is also known as we are ReactJS or react.js it does nothing but a javascript library which is used for building user interfaces or UI components and was developed by Facebook and it is also actively supported by a community of individual developers and companies, In React codes are comparatively very easy to understand and easy to launch as compared to angular now as we know about both angular and ReactJS.

Let’s see the comparison between the two of them based on a few parameters.

Angular is a full-fledged MVC framework that is written in JavaScript.
React.js is nothing but a JavaScript library.
Angular JS was developed by Google in 2010 and in 2016 angular team created angular JS 2 which was pure copy of Angular JS and it was actually a completely new framework so in order to avoid the confusion from the previous version the angular team decided to remove JS from the original name and since then this new framework is known as angular.
React.js was developed by Facebook in 2013 and since then it has been used as it is. From time to time, some changes and updates made regularly.
The language used in angular typescript consisting of JavaScript plus HTML is used.
React.js uses JavaScript plus JSX where JSX is nothing but an XML or HTML like syntax used by React which extends ECMAScript so that XML or HTML like text can coexist with the JavaScript.
In angular, the testing and debugging for the complete project is possible via a single tool.
In the ReactJS case, it requires a set of tools in order to perform different types of testings.
In angular two-way data-binding method is followed so it helps us to ensure that the model state automatically changes if any changes made.
React allows one-way data binding which means the user interface elements can be changed without updating the corresponding model state.
The latest stable version in angular is 7.2.0 
Since ReactJS always keeps on updating and making changes so the latest stable version in react is ReactJS 16.10.2
Angular is ideal to use if you want to develop large-scale rich featured applications.
ReactJS it is ideal to use for modern web development and native rendered apps for Android and iOS devices.
For beginners learning angular is not at all easy lot of training is required.
React is easy to grasp.

Pros And Cons of Both Technologies:

Angular JS:


Code written in this is comparatively cleaner and structured it offers higher performance and error is handled in a better manner it has A material design like interface angular framework takes care of routing which means if you want to move from one view to another, it will be easier.
If you’re a beginner thing angular features can be difficult and confusing Angular sometime becomes slow with pages embedding interactive elements if you want to integrate angular with a third party then it will be really difficult and if you want to switch from older versions to the newer ones then you may face several difficulties or issues.


It has better user experience it is easy to launch and has faster development if you’re using react.js then it will be a lot more time-saver than angular it has code stability and one-directional data binding it also allows you to use third-party libraries. If you want to integrate react and traditional MVC framework like rail then it needs complex configuration and setup and the reacts users would be expected to have in-depth knowledge with respect to the integration of user interface into MVC framework.

The difficulty level of learning plays a very important role when it comes to choosing a new or a trending technology so, 

if you are a beginner and want to learn it’ll lead a lot of efforts as angular is a full-fledged framework so that if you’re looking for making a project or an application then a certain things you need to learn you need to go through typescript thoroughly with all the concepts clear and MVC Model View Controller framework you need to have a grasp of it and other concepts like directors modules, decorators services, components, dependency injection, pipe templates, and lot more another important thing is that it has very strict coding structure. If you want to enter into the angular’s world then you have to learn a lot of many things and the entry barrier is clearly higher in this compared to ReactJS. 

ReactJS is just a JavaScript library and so it has lesser concepts to learn in the comparison of angular you don’t need to be a programming expert in order to learn ReactJS it uses JavaScript XML that is JSX. Jsx is nothing but a way of writing HTML into javascript. so you just need to know certain things to learn react some of them are the syntax of JSX, how to write the components, how to manage internal state, routing drops of configuration, state management using redux and so on code written in reactJS are simpler and easy to understand you don’t have to learn any loops or new logical structures in it as it’s a plain JavaScript another important difference is React provides flexibility and options to the developers to do the same task in a different manner.

Popularity and growth of Angular versus ReactJS:

So as before you go to the libraries or frameworks to use it is really important to have a look at its popularity and growth. The popularity of a technology is directly proportional to the job opportunities simply put in most of the cases the more popular or trending the technology is you can find more job demands for better understanding let us have a look at this data 

GitHub Stars 111,935 stars 40,983 stars
No of Contributors 1258 834

As above the significance, difference react obviously has more than double the amount of GitHub contributors and stars as compared to angular another important factor you should consider is what google trends search head says that about the popularity of these two as per the downloads and the visitors currently react has around 10,000 more downloads as in angular so according to the above metrics, it is crystal clear that react is more popular than angular.

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