MVVM Architecture Advantage – Android

For a good application developer whether android or iOS should follow an architecture to build a project. The better the architecture the better will be the code structure and better will be its readability. If you don’t follow any architecture then start following one. 

In this blog, we will focus on the Android platform.

There are many architectures in Android, some of them are MVP, FLUX, MVI, MVVM, etc. Out of which MMVM comes out to be the good one.

Let us see what are the advantages of using this architecture.

  • Maintenance of Code

Keeping MVVM apart for a few seconds if you are developing your project without using architecture then definitely you will write your view and application logic in the same file and if your project is too big then it will create difficulty or in other words, it will take a huge amount of time for you when you will try to handle your code or  try to add some more functionality into your code in future. So, that’s why we use MVVM architecture into our project. 

So, It makes the project simple , easy to handle and  maintain.  If any developer is assigned to the already build project which follows the architecture then they will require less time to understand and build their logic into the project.

  • Testing

You can easily test the ViewModel without involving its View because view and application logic are separated from each other.So, you can easily test your project in a quick way.

  • Reusability

Following the architecture helps to reduce the redundancy of code by reusing the module again and again.

Concluding the above advantages into the following points :

i) The project is easier to maintain.

ii) The team members can add new features more easily.

iii) The code is easily testable.

iv) The presentation layer and logic are loosely coupled.

v) Easy to reusable.

vi) Loosely coupled code.

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