Mobile Experience Officer (MEO) at InnovationM

In this world of “quick app” development, the importance of ‘user experience design’ is undermined.

Mobile solutions are all about experiences, and we design experiences at InnovationM.  Anybody can create a set of screens on mobile (there is an SDK available!) but when that app goes in the hand of the user, is it simple, intuitive and pleasing enough for the user to stay with it and come back to solve his problem or entertain himself?

At InnovationM, we don’t build ‘college apps’ or ‘app in day’ – we let design take its course (we call it flow-brainstorming-iterations) because the end product is not just meant to be liked by the end users but by us as well.

We invite you to meet one of our Mobile Experience Officers  – MEO! 

What does an MEO do? Three things:

  • Challenges the Best

What I encourage in my team is to spend 4 hours a week downloading various mobile applications on phones and tablets and just study the various design patterns, principles used in them. Then discuss and challenge each of them and explore how those can be improved. The end result is that you learn a lot. This, however, should not prevent us to look at standard design guidelines from Apple and Android.

  • Builds it for the User, not the Client

A mobile solution success hinges on just one thing: how users perceive it. “Does the mobile solution give me value? Is it easy to use? Is it pleasant to use?” These are the questions that run through the minds of users as they interact with our products, and they form the basis of their decisions on whether to become regular users. At InnovationM, we build mobile solutions for the user and in all our designs UX/UI is the core.

  • Takes Responsible Decisions for the Client

We do not teach mobile design to our clients but we show them that we understand what they hired us for. More difficult than the design itself is to take design decisions for a product which clients love the most. It’s a responsible job that we take up at InnovationM!

So, who is the Mobile Experience Officer (MEO) at InnovationM?

It’s Everyone!

  • Every Designer,
  • Every Developer, and
  • Every QA.

It’s not just the designer who is responsible for a better design but everyone involved in the project is. Without this “culture”, InnovationM would just be building apps, not experiences!


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