InnovationM iOS 6 to iOS 7 User Interface Changes

iOS 6 to iOS 7 – User Interface Changes

The brand new iOS 7 is about to release (18th Sep) and are some major User Interface changes. In fact,  Engineers at Apple completely re-did the user interface. The new UI is clean, simple yet amazingly efficient. The animations are subtle yet intuitive. The use of translucency gives user the sense of the context. New approach to animation and motion gives the system a sense of depth and vitality.

While building the new interface for iOS 7 their main focus was on the “Content” and everything else was secondary. Apple wants you to do the same. Make your design simple, but remember  simplicity is not just the absence of the clutter and ornamentation, its about bringing order to complexity.  Make your content clear, being clear means clearly indicating what’s a content and what’s a control.

So lets cover the elements individually.

Full Screen View – The status bars in iOS 7 are transparent so your view now have 20px more. More space, more clarity.

InnovationM iOS 6 to iOS 7 Status Bar

Buttons – You will see border-less buttons in iOS 7, reason being borders restrict the text of the control. In fact, borders take up quite a large amount of space. So the borders are gone.

InnovationM iOS 6 to iOS 7 Button

Switches – Switches in iOS 6 had texts in them. In iOS 7 its just simple solid color that indicates the switches status.

InnovationM iOS 6 to iOS 7 Switch

Progress View  Progress views are visually different. The bar is much more thinner and glossy effect is gone.

InnovationM iOS 6 to iOS 7 Progress View

Icons – Icons in iOS 7 are no exception to the overall theme of iOS 7. Simple and explanatory. No bulky icons are used .

Tab Bar Icons – Tab bar icons can now be tinted with a color which was not possible in iOS 6. This would allow you to make the application more consistence in terms of theme.

InnovationM iOS 6 to iOS 7 Tab bar

Navigation Bar Back Button  Back button in iOS 7 is border-less. No bezel, Transition animations are very intuitive and clearly explains the parent and child relationship.

InnovationM iOS 6 to iOS 7 Navigation Bar

Custom View Controller Transition Animations  iOS 7 enables you to write your own animation while transitioning from one controller to another. User can also interact with these transitions while the transition is in progress. So we can put some really cool animations in our application.

Colors – Colors in iOS 7 are chosen very carefully. These shades are vibrant yet beautiful and consistent on the whole platform.

There are a large number of changes other than those mentioned above. Apple designed this UI from the scratch and hats-off to the designers. They did a superb job. The new UI is much more sensible and loveable.

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