Destructuring in JavaScript

The Destructuring introduced new features of ES6.JavaScript provides a
mechanism to handle the array and properties of objects in a much more innovative
way. this mechanism is called destructuring. destructuring means implies a
complex structure into the simpler parts.
Destructuring allows us to extract multiple properties from an object or an Array. It is
a special syntax that allows us to unpack an Array or object into a bunch of variables.
Destructuring makes your code more readable, easily maintainable
, and manageable. It saves the most valuable thing – Time.

Before ES6: –


Now IN ES6: –


Array Destructuring: –

Array Destructuring means if you want to extract data from an array, it’s quite simple
using the destructuring assignment. Array destructuring extracts values from an array.

Example: –


Spread operator with Array Destructuring: –

Spread means spreading or expending. Spread operator syntax is three (…) dots.
The spread operator has spread out all the elements of an array or object.

Example: –


This is useful for getting a new array with only some elements removed. We can
also, use the spread operator to combine multiple arrays together and copy of the

Object Destructuring: –

Object Destructuring is a useful JavaScript feature to extract properties from
objects. Object destructuring can extract multiple properties in one statement and
also can access properties from nested objects.

Example: –


Note: – const {id,name,course,location} = note is an object destructuring . This
statement defines the variable id, name, course and location.

Mixed Destructuring: –

There are cases when you are working with a pretty complex object and Array

Example: –


Output: –

I am Neeraj from Delhi, India. Distance(100 to 200)

Summary: –

Now you have learned how to work destructing in an array and objects.
It helps create variables by extracting the Array and object’s properties in a
much simpler way. If you are working on a framework/library like ReactJs, Angular, or Vue, you will be using a lot of Array and object destructing.

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