Bug Report

Bug reports are a necessary part of any software development process. So it should be the responsibility of QA to make sure that bugs should be written in a totally understating form.

How to write a Bug :

The bug should be easy to understand as a technical person and non-technical both can understand it. The bug should have a clear and short summary so we can write the problem that means what is bug exactly then action means how the bug is occurring  and the location was or a which page bug is occurring so the developer can easily identify the bug

and should avoid negative words(No Not Never ) instead we can use words like unable and fails to .and bug summary should be short not in brief.


The description is the most imp part of bug writing. It has a brief explanation of the bug-like bug and how the bug is occurring on what steps it’s occurring. And it has imp fields like STR (Steps to reproduce) actual result and expected result.

Steps to Reproduce: Explain how the bug can reproduce:

1. Go to the application

2. Procced into the application

3. Perform the action of bug

4. Observation of bug

Actual result:

The actual result should be clearly explained what is happening on following the steps and what is wrong.

Expected result:

The expected result should clearly show the requirement and effectiveness and also have a clear solution approach.

Severity and priority:

This is very important for effective bug writing to fill the fit severity and priority as it will decide when to fix a bug and how the bug is affecting the application so it should be taken care of by QA to enter the severity and priority accordingly.


This should also fill bu the Qa sometime bug can occur randomly or it can be the result of device failure so there are some bugs or category of bug which can occur randomly or some time so clear percentage or frequency of bug should be entered.

Important Information in bug:

1. Bug Id

2. Url (web application)

2. Attachments (SS and Video zip file)

3. Assignee

4. Build version

5. Platform

6. Device and device inf like device version

7. Epic link

8. Environment

9. Reporter user-id

10. Comments if any other inf required

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